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Open Letter to Ashe County

To the Citizens of Ashe County,

Thank you for allowing me to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you, the citizens of Ashe County. Having been retired now for almost 4 years, I have had time to reflect about what is still important to me and how I can best use the knowledge and experience I gained throughout my career. A little over two years ago, I chose to run for Ashe County Commissioner. Although not successful by a very narrow margin, I made many new friends and learned so much more about Ashe County and the issues that affect all the citizens. Since then, I have become more involved with several civic functions that has put me closer to what matters for Ashe County. As the current President of the Ashe County Rotary Club, a Director for the Chamber of Commerce and the Chairman of the Members Advisory Committee for Blue Ridge Energy, I have had the privilege of gaining a more in depth understanding of what is important to serving the citizens of Ashe County. My cornerstone values as applicable to local government are conservative fiscal management, rule of law, limited government and individual freedom serve as a guide for positive governance for Ashe County.

During my 37-year career in the fire service I was fortunate to have served in the capacity of fire chief in two municipalities and in my home town volunteer fire department as well. Upon retiring from the fire service, I started a career with the National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway for 7 years working in the capacity of the occupational safety and health manager with collateral duties of structural fire coordinator, facility inspections, and conducting training in the park.

During these 44 years of public service, I sought out opportunities to be engaged in as many community activities I thought I could be of best suited to lead and provide collaborative efforts to accomplish goals that put forth a positive impact on the community or state.

With that being said, I feel strongly that I can contribute in a positive way if elected to serve the citizens of Ashe County. I have the experience that has brought together efforts by many with the same goals of producing positive outcomes on community and state level projects. Civility plays a very important role in listening, discussing, and compromising when necessary to accomplish the overall goal of reaching the greatest good for all concerned both economically and community well being.

I have been fortunate to have the support of a family that has “loaned” me out over these many years to allow me go on these "journeys" to serve the public. To them, I am most grateful for their understanding and support, one more time!

God Bless,
Wes Greene

My Philosophy

I Believe in Listening

Everybody has a voice. Listening to different viewpoints is the only way to come to a collaborative solution benefitting the majority while protecting the minority.

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